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Meet Carleeka Katrina Basnight-Menendez​

"Yes All Of That"

Carleeka is the #1 Black Face Of Women In Menopause. After years of being in pain, enduring extremely painful cramps, going back and forth to various doctor’s, being placed on a low dosage of birth control pills, prescribed pain medication, etc… but I was still in excruciating pain. I was told often that you’re too young, you don’t have children yet or when I only had one child they said I might want more. So, of course they did nothing else. At one point one doctor was convinced that it was all in my head. Really? Finally, after years and three bundles of blessings (my children) I had to make a life- changing decision. I was presented with two options, one stay in pain and two have a complete hysterectomy at 30 years old. Well, I ultimately had the hysterectomy as I thought it was best for my quality of health and lifestyle

Although, I don’t regret having it, I just wish that I wasn’t left alone and feeling lost trying to figure out my new transition. Look, I had plenty of pamphlets but I was not thinking about a book, pamphlet or anything when I had my first hot flash or flush, however you say it on your side of the world. LOL… All I wanted to do was, well join at MenoCon to get the rest of the story. By the way, what do you think I did or said? After years of just dealing with my menopause I decided to be a creator and share my journey with women all over the world just like you. My mission is to support as many as I can before, during and after their transition into menopause, specifically women who had surgical menopause

   Carleeka Basnight-Menendez is a Best-Selling International author, award winning life coach and a prolific speaker with global appeal. As one highly sought out for her innovative approach to wide-ranging topics, Carleeka has earned both domestic and international respect from the world stage.

   She is the creator of the F-IT Method, The A.V.E., Menopause and Mimosas, MenoCon and BMU (Black Menopause University); offering new and aspiring Christian female entrepreneurs the strategies needed to increase clarity, confidence, consitency and impact the world healthy and healed from the dimension of their purpose. Her coaching and consulting brand is one of a kind, as Carleeka offers consultations, strategies, and direction for clients looking to transform their lives.

   Carleeka believes that when you change your perspective, you will change your life. Knowing has allowed her to bring top-tier service to the coaching industry, as she takes clients from being sick, silent, and stuck, to creating the lives that they demand; with no compromise. No stranger to doing the work, Carleeka has managed to obtain a B.S. in Biology Pre-Med, and an A.S. in Histological Technology, all while raising a family and working a full time job.

   The world has responded to the undeniable gift found in Carleeka Basnight-Menendez, as she is the recipient of the ACHI Magazine Editors’ choice award, Success Women's Conference National Influencer, Jacksonville’s Best Motivational speaker, and many more. When she is not out facilitating workshops, hosting events, and delivering action packed keynotes, both in person and virtually, Carleeka is a mother, friend, and a student of life.

Carleeka Basnight-Menendez- the voice the world needs now!  


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